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Metriscope provides real time performance monitoring and diagnostics at your fingertips, and much more...

This visual plugin based application offers professional expert advice and problem resolution. System specific packages can be installed into the Metriscope console, allowing you to simultaneously connect to systems on your network. It gives you complete flexibility to customize visual layouts that represent your environment.

Metriscope - Windows Package Screenshot

 Latest News

• SQL Server pre-release package released.
• New Console & Windows package.
• A new product review on

And coming soon...
• New Microsoft IIS package.

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What's happening under the hood of your SQL Server database?

Metriscope Windows Package

The SQL Server package for Metriscope provides a powerful insight into the inner-workings of your database. Metriscope digs deep into SQL Server, retrieving a wealth of real-time performance information, available at your fingertips.

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